Cannabidiol potential treatment psychosis

Reference: Cannabidiol as a potential treatment for psychosis C.D. Schubartc, I.E.C.Sommera, P.Fusar-Polib, L.deWittea, R.S. Kahnc, M.P.M.Boksa, cannabidiol potential treatment psychosis

cannabidiol potential treatment psychosis

Although cannabis use is associated with an incresed risk of developing psychosis,the cannabis constituent cannabidiol(CBD) may have anti psychotic properties.This review concisely describes the role of the endo cannabinoid system in the development of psychosis and provides an overview of currently available animal, human experimental,imaging,epidemiological and clinical studiesthat investigated the anti psychotic properties of CBD. In this targeted literature review we performed a search for English articles using Medline and EMBASE. Studies were selected if they described experiments with psychos is models, psychotic symptoms or psychotic disorders as out come measure and involved the use of CBD as intervention.Evidence from several research domains suggests that CBD shows potential for anti psychotic treatment.

CBD is one of the phyto cannabinoids that interacts with the ECS. The ECS consists ofc annabinoid receptors, endogenous cannabinoids and several enzymes controlling activation and availability of the endo cannabinoids. Such cannabidiol potential treatment psychosis.

Cannabidiol CBD Psychosis Potential Treatment