All about hemp, happiness, joy and freedom

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all about hemp

The fiber of Cannabis, the “True Hemp”, is tightly woven into the tapestry of human life. Since earliest times, this great plant ally has provided people with cordage, cloth, paper, medicine, and inspiration. For all the many benefits it bestows, Cannabis hemp is a friendship well worth cultivating. Hemp is many things to many people, and it is known by hundreds of names.

Poets sing its praises, and preachers damn it. Executioners hang condemned men with hemp rope, but sailors and mountaineers hang onto it for dear life. Doctors prescribe it as a medicine, yet prohibitionists proscribe it as a poison. Armies and navies make war with hemp, while lovers use it as an aphrodisiac.

The resinous virtue generates real happiness, enlightenment and entertainment, equal in quality and worth to the similar joys of love, freedom, and good health — and it complements them all, and it comforts those poor souls who are without such blessings. Hemp is a most interesting and paradoxical plant, one that defies control and begs understanding.

Hemp is one of mankind’s best (and few) friends on Earth, yet it is a prisoner within its own cells, bound in a Gordian Knot of laws. Cannabis must be made legal. This is the first step toward the only viable resolution of the drug problem: legalize all drugs (with regulatory control of quality, dosage, etc.). Cannabis does not need to be controlled, but only to be regulated and cultivated for all the values of its fiber, seeds and resin.

Yet, instead of enjoying the benefits of Cannabis, we suffer for tiny Pyrrhic victories in a perpetual civil war. We have been convinced by propaganda torepudiate the principles of freedom upon which our former rights were founded. All about hemp, happiness, joy and freedom.

All about Hemp